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World Class 2016 - 2nd Burst, Fruits & Plants

March 18, 2016

It's back and now it's your second & final chance to enter World Class 2016, which could see you whisked away to Miami later this year to compete against some of the world's finest bartenders.

Moving on from burst one’s 'Mindful Drinking', we now see 'Fruits & Plants' take centre stage. This time you're asked to create a drink using a fruit or plant and inspired by someone in an environmental capacity - that could be any one from a famous environmentalist to even a friend or family member that has being working tirelessly to do their bit for the planet. This time round it's white spirits - Ketel One, Tanqueray No.10, Don Julio & Ciroc.

One of the other intriguing things is not making a super complex drink - World Class want you to devise something that has the potential to replicated around the world.


Click here for an overview of the challenge.


Unsure of whether to compete? The opportunities and the prestige of this competition are beyond your wildest dreams. Whether you make it to the the global final, or just to either the burst or national final - you'll learn some truly amazing things and challenge yourself as a bartender.

Last year saw the UK's Ali Reynolds become 4th in the world, which is no small feet.

Take a chance, believe in yourself and who knows, you could be representing the UK in the Global final later this year.

Entries are open March 18th to 30th, with judging occurring shortly after and burst final later on in April. Check out the videos below for the challenge and first burst highlights. Submit your entries during the window at:



And some advice to on your foraging from World Class to avoid you meeting an untimely end:

1 - Plants with a milky or discoloured sap do not bode well
2 - Plants with pines, fine hairs or thorns are probably going to cause you some pain & may even be poisonous
3 - Avoid beans, bulbs & seeds inside pods
4 - Stop eating anything bitter or that has a soapy taste, immediately!
5 - An “Almond” scent in the woody parts & leaves? LEAVE IT!


Burst Two



Burst One Highlights



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World Class 2016 - 2nd Burst, Fruits & Plants

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