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May 18, 2016


Today we heard terrible news - Brixton favourite Sovereign Loss is closing after 19 months of operation. The move comes as the Prince of Wales, which takes up the other part of the building is expanding, which will see the Sovereign Loss premises is absorbed to make way for expanding events and club nights.


It's a sad sight to see this wonderful bar disappear from the Brixton scene, since opening in December 2014 - it was one...

March 16, 2016

Jason Atherton is back and has opened his new restaurant Sosharu (meaning 'social'), hot on the heals of Social Wine & Tapas last summer. This is also Atherton's first venture with 100% of his own backing. Sosharu is designed as an 'izakaya' - a Japanese pub that focuses on informal dining with Japanese style tapas. It also includes a small restaurant within a restaurant.

Of course, like Atherton's other restaurants it will f...

March 14, 2016

Having opened late last year, it's one of the finest bars we've stepped into in a long time, based upon the theme of,  'The Gibson' - a martini garnished with a cocktail onion. A majorly chilled vibe awaits within this art deco palace, that comes to remind us of the golden age of cocktails, harking back to Charles Dana Gibson & Cary Grant's Roger Thornhill from North by North-West, who even appear on the first page of the menu...

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